Digital activations – what are they?

A Digital activation is an interactive software designed to engage event participants, often displayed in a touch monitor or LCD. It stimulates attendees to interact with your event and creates a more immersive digital experience.

Common uses of digital activations in events

Digital activations with photos

Capture and engage: digital activations with photos provide a unique and personal touch to your event or brand experience. Through the submission of photos via an app, a virtual event platform or a custom interface, these activations offer a higher level of engagement, allowing participants to contribute to the event directly. Whether the result is a picture puzzle incorporating a brand logo or a dynamic photo gallery, these activations transform participant-submitted photos into memorable experiences, strengthening their connection to your brand or event.

Digital activations with prizes

Winning and engaging: digital activations for prizes offer an exciting and interactive element to your event or brand experience. Whether it’s a touch-screen wheel of fortune or an immersive quiz game, these activations captivate participants while providing them with the opportunity to win prizes. These gamified experiences not only enhance engagement but also create a sense of excitement and competition among participants. The prospect of rewards, combined with a fun and interactive experience, reinforces positive associations with your brand or event, leaving a lasting impression.

Digital activations to share opinions

Sharing and shaping: opinion board digital activations provide a platform for attendees to voice their thoughts, creating a two-way dialogue at your event or within your brand experience. Whether it’s through an app, a virtual event platform, or a custom interface, these activations invite participants to share their opinions or responses to specific questions. The collected responses can be displayed in visually appealing formats like wordclouds or graphs, providing real-time insights into the collective thoughts and sentiments of your audience. This form of activation not only boosts engagement but also enriches the overall experience by valuing and incorporating attendees’ feedback and perspectives.


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We created digital activations that generated a lot of engagement. Check our work section to explore some examples.

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