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Mobile app

A powerful tool on each attendee’s pocket. Powerful, intuitive, adaptable.

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Virtual platform

An intuitive platform that your event can call a home, where you can control the experience. Robust, secure, flexible.

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Web-based mobile app to maximize ease of use. Simple and budget-friendly.

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Digital activations

Ideas that invite real-time interaction. Bring your community together and let them co-create your event.

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Featured Projects

Think Bigger

The power of digital in a corporate event

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Mobile app and On-Demand platform walking hand in hand

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Estoril Conferences

A conference to save the planet

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Dropzone Festival

A mobile app for a hard dance festival

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Why work with us

We care.
We really do.

We take pride in the solutions we build and go the extra mile for every project.

Events are unpredictable.

We get it, we expect it, we embrace it. And we build our solutions with that in mind.

With you every
step of the way.

Every project has a shaker dedicated to it. You will not walk alone.

Your event. Your brand. Your rules.

Our solutions will follow your event’s graphics, structure and process.

Whatever the challenge, the result is the same

It’s the second time we’ve worked together this year, and we are certainly going to keep doing so. Concerning the support we received, we are very pleased with the pre-, during and after-event, as well as all matters involving streaming. The team was always available, which gives us a great feeling of security. We are a happy costumer.

PHC Software

I wanted to thank you for your help in making this a successful event. This was, without any doubt, a TOP event, that would have not been made possible without your help. Thank you so much, Shake It. A special thank you to Daniel, who was tireless and helped us in a surprising way throughout this event.


Our deepest thanks to all the team for the help and for organising the app. It was an excellent team effort, which contributed to the functioning of the app. As it can be seen from the reactions of our colleagues, we lived up to the expectations and did a good job.


I want to thank you for your precious cooperation, which contributed greatly to the success of this event, acknowledged by the participants as being very relevant. It was, in fact, a milestone in the history of APDC, and the beginning of a new cycle.


The app was, without any doubt, the main point of interaction with our audience, and also one of the major factors of success of this 100% online event. All the feedback we got left us very pleased, and we had to share it with you.

It’s always great to work with professionals, people who give so much of their time to help us, clarify doubts, advise on the best solutions. That’s how, looking back, we see our time working with Shake It.


I reinforce and subscribe the words of our CEO, and once again thank you all, in my name and Abilways’, for all your commitment, effort, agility, collaboration, honesty and dedication when building this event. It was one of the biggest challenges we had to face lately, and it was a major success! That success would not have been possible without your support! Thank you! Now, it’s time to celebrate!

Abilways Portugal


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