Five small events plus one big final event, all in the same app

Think Bigger is an event that happens every two years and is organised by an insurance company for their partners and employees. It is a moment to come together and celebrate results as well as discuss strategy, with an attendance of around 4.500 people. 

In 2022, this event was broken into 5 smaller events that focused on 5 different segments of the company, and one final event, in September, where everyone came together in the Altice Area, in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The Solution

We’ve built individual virtual platforms for each of the 5 events leading up to the final event in Lisbon. All content that was recorded was then aggregated and organised in a platform designed specifically for on-demand viewing, meaning that attendees could watch and rewatch sessions and make their own playlists of video content. 

On-site attendees  

For on-site attendees, our solution was a multi-event container app that contained sub-apps for each of the 6 events. Attendees could download the App and keep it installed throughout the year, to use it in subsequent events. 

Inside the Mobile App, attendees could check the information of the event, share pictures, network with each other and stay up to date with push-notifications from the organisation. For the final event, we developed three extra features: 

  • Express check-in: allowing users to use their mobile device’s Bluetooth capabilities to check-in at the event, without the need to wait at the check-in counter, and making the check-in process of 5.000 people a lot more manageable. 
  • Drink coupons – that were credited to each attendee upon arrival at the event and could be redeemed at the bar. 
  • A seating system for the dinner party – where selected attendees could choose their table from a map of 120 tables and select other people that would be joining their table. 

For remote attendees

In this project, we also brought remote attendees and on-site participants together through on-screen reactions. This meant that people watching from the virtual platform could contribute with their emoji reactions and these would be seen at the venue, projected directly over the presentation of the speaker. 


  • Total of 6 events with multi-event mobile app and virtual platform 
  • 4.000+ app downloads, representing over 85% of app conversion 
  • 740 pictures shared through the App 
  • Online platform with all recorded sessions from all 6 events 
  • Custom developed seating system 
  • 4.000 messages exchanged through the networking module 
  • All content offered in 2 languages 
  • Guests could access information about their hotels based on their registration information, as well as personalised push-notifications 
  • Digital drink coupons offered through the App 
  • Emoji reactions of remote attendees projected at the venue in real time 
  • Bluetooth-enabled check-in process 
  • Full integration of processes – Invite, Registration, App, Virtual Platform and Check-in 

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