How buttons make everything more fun

The Authentica Festival is the largest winter festival in Portugal, filled with various music genres. In 2023, it featured four stages, where around thirty international and national artists performed. 

Through NoMore, Sábado magazine requested a custom solution for an interactive quiz that tested the musical knowledge of the festival-goers about the songs, lyrics, and artists present at the event. 

The solution 

Participants were invited to put on headphones and interact with four colourful and luminous buttons to be able to answer the quiz. 

The activation began by asking the participant to press any button. A random song would start playing and three questions were posed to the participant: complete the lyrics, identify the singer/group or know the name of the song. By pressing one of the buttons, a question was selected through a draw animation. The answer was then chosen from one of the four available buttons. There were audiovisual effects for correct and incorrect answers. 

“Press a button to return to the beginning” marked the end of participation. 

The activation involved the design and development of the software, creation and construction of the box with colourful buttons and their respective hardware. 

The response 

The response was much higher than expected, with participation prizes running out on the morning of the first day. Queues formed and participants brought their friends to play. This situation occurred even when the bands were performing on stage. 

All the participants who interacted with the activation found it fun and, in general, the festival-goers’ knowledge is positive. 

You can watch the “after movie” of Festival Authentica here: 


  • Massive turnout 
  • Fun, interactive, and tactile activation 
  • Audiovisual design in line with the event 
  • Custom hardware construction 

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