Unveiling the Power of Travel Apps

At SHAKE IT, while our primary focus revolves around crafting cutting-edge event apps, our diverse portfolio extends beyond the confines of event management. A prime illustration of our versatility lies in our innovative travel apps. In April 2017, SHAKE IT marked its incursion into the travel app domain with a groundbreaking application designed to guide wanderers through the enchanting cities of Vancouver and Chicago, Canada. Since then, our journey has led us to over 20 countries, traversing the diverse landscapes of places like Japan, the United States, Kenya, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. Our latest journey brought us back to Canada, and to the captivating destinations of Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Montreal.

Information in the palm of your hand 

Just like our event apps, the features of our travel apps are categorised into two essential areas: informative and interactive. In the 21st century, navigating an unfamiliar country becomes a seamless experience when all the trip details are conveniently accessible on your mobile device. From flight information, itineraries, and daily activities to city insights, hotel details, updated weather forecasts, travel insurance, and emergency contact information, our travel apps put comprehensive information right at your fingertips.

Interaction on the Go

Even when solo traveling, no one needs to spend their vacation in solitude. Our travel apps serve as a hub for participants, enabling them to connect, exchange messages, offer assistance, and plan activities together. It doubles as a social network, facilitating the sharing of messages, photos, and videos. With features like currency converters, interaction with posts from the trip photographers, and push notifications for real-time updates, our travel apps ensure an engaging experience for every traveler.

Tailored for Travel Agencies

While any corporate client can develop a travel app for a trip for their employees, travel agencies are the primary beneficiaries of our travel app solutions. Typically, we create a container app for the agency, streamlining the user experience. Regardless of the destination, travelers access trip-specific details and visuals within the same app by entering a unique travel code. This innovative approach eliminates the need for clients to navigate the complex process of submitting individual trips as separate apps on the App Store or Play Store.

Embark on your next adventure with SHAKE IT’s travel apps – where information meets interaction, and every journey becomes a personalised and unforgettable experience.


  • Built for a group of 100 travelers
  • Average app usage of nearly 300 minutes per traveler over the span of 9 days
  • Impressive read rate of almost 80% for notifications from the travel organisation within the app
  • More than 1000 publications on the app feed
  • Weather and Currency Converter features

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