Four years, from mobile app to web app, adjusting to the needs of the world

PHC Open Minds is a yearly event, organized by PHC, a company that specialises in management software. It allows their clients and partners to stay up to date on their newest features, offers and developments, as well as discuss the future of their products. It is also a valued time to receive feedback from both experts and day-to-day users on their software – since every year, the event welcomes over 1000 users.    

This year, the app was open to the general public for the first time, with individual sessions for Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Angola and Cabo Verde, thus increasing the number of users. This also required the app to be extensively customisable, to better suit the needs of each type of user.  

The Solution  

Due to the impossibility of in-person events, in 2021, PHC Open Minds changed from a mobile app to a streaming web app, allowing for the event to reach the same audience. Furthermore, it allowed for recordings of the broadcasts to be made available to users on-demand. Sponsors and partners were not neglected, with the introduction of virtual stands, where users could access documentation, contact information and even interact live with stand delegates.   

All the previous features present in the mobile app – like networking, Q&A and feedback – returned, alongside with unique ones, such as virtual exhibitor stands, live support and stream-exclusive live chat rooms. 


  • Streaming platform with live broadcast, and recorded sessions to be watched on demand 
  • Helpdesk for live support in the platform 
  • Over 1000 unique logins in every event, with close to 2000 in the last event
  • Evolution from Mobile app to streaming platform, with over 1200 unique users in the latest event
  • A thorough and simple instruction video on how to use the platform 
  • Exclusive areas for different types of users, with access to individual streams, photo feeds and feedback areas 
  • A total of 4 events, 1 in mobile app, and 3 in web app 
  • Full networking suite: private messaging, photo feed, meeting scheduling and live chat 
  • Virtual stands for partners to have an area to share information and advertise themselves 

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